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From helping you find befitting property or business investment opportunities to managing your property, renting it out and maintaining it, concocting business plans or assisting you in receiving bank loans or grants, at the Greek Development Projects we undertake to handle your affairs from A to Z, for optimal results.

Our Approach

Our approach is 100% client-centric. This means that in each and every case we’ll carefully assess and examine your unique circumstances, risks, expectations and values to proffer customized proposals, specifically tailored to your individual preferences and needs.

Experience and connections

Using our boasting insiders’ knowledge, insights and connections we are able to identify one-off opportunities, which are not readily available on the internet nor the mass market.

Moreover, through our extensive network of trusted, long-time collaborators and associates -from respected law firms to accountants or auditors offices, we are in a position to meaningfully assist you in every step of the way. From company establishment to legal services whilst the deal unfolds, or tax planning strategies subsequently, we offer a comprehensive, extensive range of solutions to safeguard the success of your endeavor.


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